Chronic pain kills… It destroys lives and eats you up inside, like a parasite feeding from your sanity. It never leaves and it doesn’t listen – It has a mind of its own and chooses when to divulge… I struggle to breathe at its reluctance to say goodbye and for the vision that is, my future – one of control and isolation, totally lost yet confined to my own home… I rarely converse, distracted by a pain fog that allows a constant flow of negativity to seep through my veins… Pain, pain, pain, always pain – twentyfour/seven/threesixfive – no relief and a continued lack of belief in what was once described as ‘normal’… I’m tired of lying and of all the failed attempts at healing old wounds; of being a burden and a sorry mess when the light is out of reach. For darkness has become my home and it’s here I can not escape. It’s here I’m forced to only ponder, and fight with toxic demons until eternity ends. It’s here I will rot…


Jeff’s Prophecy…

This is my silhouette drawing of the late Jeff Buckley and a poem to go with it. There’s something eerily haunting about his music – it’s absolutely stunning. One of the best musicians to have ever graced our planet…

Jeff Buckley drawing


Downstream lay the soul of the vocal one,
A mere 30 years and then you were gone.
You drowned then were found, no longer the physical prophet,
Forever present and pure with each and every sonnet.

A simple message to all to live life and be yourself,
No need to worry about time, image or wealth.
For money doesn’t buy the gracious words that leave your breath,
To wash away the prejudice releasing corporate stress.

You waited in the fire you burned,
I’m still waiting for your sweet return.

Your ‘Last Goodbye’ fell completely short,
Still we have your songs to sing, play and distort.
Another pluck, another strum,
A whole lot of work for my wrist, fingers and thumb.

I had to write these words, just so you could see,
Exactly what your music does for me.
So ‘Hallelujah’ for Tim’s betrayal,
A book full of songs from the hammer and nail.

And ‘Hallelujah’ for the love,
Keep on with your prophecy from the clouds above.