Test Tube Potion…

The demise of all rational thought
Controlling and powerful
Taking a complete hold.
Both require such strength
Enduring for eternity
That’s how it feels anyway…

It’s winning the battle as I push you away
That’s not my intention
Searching my soul for a reason.
I am just a test tube potion
Conditioned to heal the wounds this way
It’s not right of wrong
Just the unconscious taking over
Nature running its cause
The teachings of the environment…

If there is a higher power
Take the knives away
Let me try to find myself.
I was almost there once
So close
So distant
This destiny is flawed
Anger fuels every thought.
I am just a test tube potion
Burning over the flames
Colliding thoughts
No relief
No belief
Just a test tube potion…



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