In being house-bound there is no joy – only sorrow when looking back at the old distant memories. There’s only so much you can do to suppress the boredom before the thoughts start to play with you… 3 years have gone by and it doesn’t get any easier – in fact quite the contrary; more days wasted, more memories lost and more friends have have disappeared… There’s so much time to dwell when sat amongst the same four stale walls and a box I’d never watch were I to be well… Chronic pain has completely changed the course of my life and struggle has become my middle name… There is a tiny little light far away in the distance but it’s not always there and those days are the worst – when darkness is all you have and you’re unable to free yourself for days and days… And the good days – they are few and far between and are to be cherished… P.s – this picture isn’t mine…



  1. There’s a lot of support to be had here on WP with others who share your experience. You will find a community who understand and can empathise. From everything I have heard and read of chronic pain it is a trial in so many ways.
    I see you are new here so, Welcome. If you do a search in your homepage you should be able to find any number of blogs on subjects that interest you. If you like, I can also give you a link to a blogpost I read yesterday whose author has compiled a list of handy hints to navigate WP and help minimise too much trial and error. I wish I’d had it when I first started here. :/
    I wish you well here and feel sure you will find a ready replacement for the box. Anne-Marie

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    1. Hi Anne-Marie. Thank you for your message – this is my second stint on WordPress, I didn’t like the way my old blog was going so I decided that I needed to start a fresh. However, I do feel like this is my first time – my memory is terrible and I hadn’t used my old blog for quite some time – I’d forgotten how helpful writing & being creative is for my depression, it really does help somewhat. Even though I’ve used WordPress before I’d appreciate that link you mention as I feel there’s a lot more for me to learn. Thanks again for your message. Chris…

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