Rose Tinted Glasses

As I inhale the crest of a wave I embrace the parts that enable my body to function in this way, I exhale, inhale and exhale… I exist… I breathe the fresh summer air, seasoned with the scent of fresh red roses in bloom next to the piercing window that looks only to have its frame… And for all I am and all that is, I’m blessed for you and your great belief in loyalty and love… In me…

I am skin and I am space, I am the being that draws on your skin and I live only to see beyond what has been seen thus far… For I am merely matter and, despite my unwanted circumstance, wanting to matter and make a difference brings only the ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ because, for every downside presented, there is a belief in quite the contrary… In the faith built so far… I exist… I do… I will accomplish and see beyond the next vodka for which there will be no medicinal excuse n’or reason, then fill the empty space to grow some peppers for some much needed nutrition – something seriously lacking…

And this blog, this is my sanctuary, a place to find peace and solitude between the ever familiar four walls. It’s a place to ponder the reasons for our existence, and, through no choice of my own – avoid all conflict beyond the stagnant concrete… It’s here I put my pen to paper and scribble down sentences that have no meaning to anybody other than myself… And this place i mention – this will be my fixed abode for quite some time – this and a pile of clothes in the corner of the bedroom floor… But, despite everything unwanted, I am still a spiritual seeker, I am still a breather & I’ll always be 99.9% empty space. I’m house-bound with chronic pain finding ways to fill my time & writing is one of them…

And it’s here I continue to conserve my energy with great frustration, as I experiment with error being the general outcome, I pray to a god I’m not sure whether to believe in… For my destiny is made by me, only me… I will write and create, express myself and be free to show all of the world my fate and on that shelf will be a bind with my name on it…


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